Casa Bagua

Calle Nueva 7D, Diaguita,  Chile

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About Casa Bagua:

Offering free WiFi and a year-round outdoor pool, Casa Bagua is situated in Diaguita, 17 kilometre from La Unión. Pisco Elqui is 19 kilometre away. Free personal parking is available on site. Each unit is equipped with a personal bathroom with a hairdryer. Looking for hotel?

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Min. price: 100 USD
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Calle Nueva 7D, Diaguita,  CHILE

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About this location


The Diaguita people are a group of South American indigenous people native to the Chilean Norte Chico and the Argentine Northwest. Western or Chilean Diaguitas lived mainly in the Transverse Valleys incised in a semi-arid environment. Eastern or Argentine Diaguitas lived in the provinces of La Rioja and Catamarca and part of the provinces of Salta, San Juan and Tucumán. The term Diaguita was first applied to peoples and archaeological cultures by Ricardo E. Latcham in early 20th century.Ancient Diaguitas were not a unified people; the language or dialects used by them seems to have varied from valley to other valleys and they were politically fragmented into several chiefdoms. Coastal and inland Chilean Diaguitas traded as evidenced by the archaeological findings of mollusc shells in the upper course of Andean valleys.According to the 2010 census there are 67,410 self-identified Diaguita descendants in Argentina."


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