Ecos da Terra Chalés

Rua Jacarandá, 30, Monte Verde,  Brazil

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About Ecos da Terra Chalés:

Set in a large nature property in Monte Verde mountains, Ecos da Terra Chalés offer fully equipped chalets with a fireplace and mountain views, as well as buffet breakfast. Parking is free. Looking for hotel?

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Min. price: 318 BRL
Max. price: 390 BRL
Rooms available4 rooms

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Rua Jacarandá, 30, Monte Verde,  BRAZIL

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About this location

Monte Verde

Monte Verde is an archaeological site in southern Chile, located near Puerto Montt, Southern Chile, which has been dated to as early as 18,500 BP (16,500 B.C.). Until recently, the widely published date has been 14,800 years BP. This dating added to the evidence showing that the human settlement of the Americas pre-dates the Clovis culture by roughly 1000 years. This contradicts the previously accepted \"Clovis first\" model which holds that settlement of the Americas began after 13,500 BP. The Monte Verde findings were initially dismissed by most of the scientific community, but in recent years the evidence has become more accepted in some archaeological circles, There is as yet no consensus, and vocal \"Clovis First\" advocates remain.Paleoecological evidence of the coastal landscape's ability to sustain human life further supports a \"coastal migration\" model. Dating of rock surfaces and animal bones suggests the coastal corridor was deglaciated and became habitable after 17,000 years BP. However, as of 2009 no archaeological evidence has been found of pre-Clovis humans using a coastal migration route."


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