Plaza Boutique Salta

Mitre 910, Salta,  Argentina

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About Plaza Boutique Salta:

Passing through a large archway, this Spanish-style house propose spacious accommodation with cable TV and free Wi-Fi. Located 7 blocks from Plaza de Armas in downtown Salta. Looking for hotel?

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Price: 49 €
Rooms available10 rooms

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Mitre 910, Salta,  ARGENTINA

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About this location


Salta (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsalta]) is a city located in the Lerma Valley, at 1,152 metres (3780 feet) above sea level in the northwest part of Argentina. It is also the name for the capital city of Salta Province. Along with its metropolitan area, it has a population of 619,000 inhabitants, which makes it the second most populated city in the northwest of the country."


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