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Sercotel San Jose

San José de Calasanz, 12, Albacete,  Spain

This smart modern hotel provides tranquil accommodation in Albacete’s city centre, close to the Abelardo Sánchez Park. Start your day with breakfast or simply sit back and enjoy a relaxing drink in the hotel cafe. Sercotel San Jose

This smart modern hotel provides tranquil accommodation in Albacete’s city centre, close to the Abelardo Sánchez Park. Start your day with breakfast or simply sit back and enjoy a relaxing drink in the hotel cafe.
Cet hôtel moderne et élégant offre un hébergement au calme dans le centre-ville d'Albacete, à proximité du parc Abelardo Sánchez. Vous pourrez prendre le petit déjeuner ou un verre au café de l'hôtel.
Este hotel moderno y elegante cuenta con unas tranquilas habitaciones en el centro de la ciudad de Albacete, cerca del parque Abelardo Sánchez.
In diesem modernen Hotel wohnen Sie in ruhiger und zentraler Lage unweit des Abelardo Sánchez-Parks. Für einen gelungenen Start in den Tag genießen Sie ein Frühstück oder ein Getränk im Hotelcafé.
Dit chique hotel biedt u rustige accommodatie in het stadscentrum van Albecete, vlakbij het Abelardo Sánchez-park. Begin uw dag met een ontbijt of leun achterover en geniet van een drankje in het café van het hotel.
Questo hotel moderno e raffinato propone alloggi tranquilli nel centro di Albacete, nei pressi del Parco di Abelardo Sánchez.
Este hotel elegante e moderno providencia acomodação tranquila no centro da cidade de Albacete e próximo ao Parque Abelardo Sánchez. Comece o dia com o pequeno-almoço ou descontraia e aprecie uma bebida no café do hotel.
お洒落で近代的な当館は、アルバセーテの市内中心部、Abelardo Sánchez Park至近にて静かな宿泊施設をご提供しています。 朝は、館内カフェにて朝食、または座りながらおいしいドリンクをお楽しみください。館内全域でWi-Fiインターネットサービスを無料でご利用いただけます。 ドン・キホーテ(地域の架空のヒーローの1人)を祭る観光名所など、La Manchaの歴史的中心部の名所へ徒歩でお出かけいただけます。
这家精致现代的酒店位于阿尔瓦塞特市中心,靠近Abelardo Sánchez公园,提供宁静的住宿。 您可以在享用早餐或者坐在酒店咖啡馆享用放松饮品,开始您的一天。在这里您可以使用免费的无线网络连接服务,酒店各处均设有无线网络连接。 从酒店您可以步行前往La Mancha这座历史古城观光,包括有唐吉诃德纪念景点--该地区的传奇的英雄之一。
Ten elegancki, nowoczesny hotel gwarantuje spokojną atmosferę i zakwaterowanie w centrum Albacete, niedaleko parku Abelardo Sánchez. Dzień warto zacząć od śniadania lub chwili dla siebie przy kawie lub herbacie w hotelowej kawiarni.
Этот стильный современный отель предлагает проживание в тихом месте в самом центре города Альбасете. Недалеко находится парк Abelardo Sánchez. Начните день в отеле с завтрака. Отдохните и закажите расслабляющий напиток в кафе отеля.
Detta eleganta och moderna hotell erbjuder lugnt boende i Albacetes centrum, nära parken Abelardo Sánchez. I hotellets kafé kan du äta din frukost eller bara luta dig tillbaka och njuta av en avkopplande dryck.
يوفر هذا الفندق الأنيق والعصري أماكن إقامة هادئة في وسط مدينة Albacete بالقرب من ساحة Abelardo Sánchez.
Αυτό το κομψό σύγχρονο ξενοδοχείο προσφέρει ήσυχα καταλύματα στο κέντρο της πόλης Albacete, κοντά στο Abelardo Sánchez Park. Ξεκινήστε την ημέρα σας με πρωινό ή απλά να καθίσετε και απολαύστε ένα χαλαρωτικό ποτό στο καφέ του ξενοδοχείου.
Dette elegante og moderne hotellet byr på rolig innkvartering i Albacete sentrum, i nærheten av parken Abelardo Sánchez. Start dagen din med frokost eller bare len deg tilbake og nyt en avslappende drink i hotellkafeen.

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San José de Calasanz, 12, Albacete,  SPAIN


Albacete [Spanish pronunciation: [alβaˈθete]] (Arabic: ﭐَلبَسِيط‎, translit. Al-Basīṭ) is a city and municipality in the Spanish autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha, and capital of the province of Albacete. It is in the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula, in the region known as the Meseta Central within the historic region of La Mancha, in the smaller historic region of La Mancha de Montearagón; the area around the city is known as Los Llanos. With a population of 172,816 (2017) in the municipality proper, and 219,121 in the larger metropolitan area, it is the largest city in both the province and the region of Castilla-La Mancha, and indeed one of the largest of inland Spain, being included in the 20 largest urban areas in Spain. The municipality of Albacete is also the seventh largest in Spain by area, being 1,125.91 km2 (434.72 sq mi).
Albacete is the economic and judicial capital of Castilla-La Mancha, being home to the regional High Court of Justice. The writer, novelist, essayist and literary critic Azorin described the city of Albacete in a poem as \"The New York of La Mancha\".
The origins of the city are uncertain, with the earliest proof of settlement dating to the time of Al-Andalus, when the settlement was originally named البسيط (Al-Basīt), meaning \"The Flat\" in the Arabic referring to the flat land around. The city increased in prominence in the early 20th century during the Spanish Civil War due its strategic importance as national headquarters of the International Brigades.
At present, Albacete is a modern capital with large areas for pedestrians and green areas. Further its flat area and the elimination of architectural barriers have also led it to be one of the most accessible cities across the country, with better quality of life and one of the safest.
The entertainment is one of the hallmarks of the capital of Albacete, with large areas of party as La Zona, El Campus or Los Titis hosting thousands of albaceteños and visitors throughout the year, highlighting their hectic and very active day and night life by enjoying famous throughout Spain. Other of its attractions in this regard are the traditional Tascas de la Feria or the castizo outdoor market of Los Invasores.
Albacete is a commercial and industrial city par excellence, reflected in its extensive commercial area that includes more than 556 723 people from 154 municipalities. Its privileged location, halfway between Madrid and the Mediterranean coast, makes it the main logistical hub and communications for Southeast Spain, with great connections by motorways, rail (including AVE), and air (Albacete Airport), which connects points of the Spanish geography.
The city has many festivals and traditions, among which we would highlight the Feria de Albacete, declared International Tourist Interest, which is held from September 7 to 17 in honor of the Virgin of Los Llanos, the Fiestas de San Juan de Albacete, the Albacete Easter or Carnival Albacete, as well as numerous events of regional, national and international character like International FIM CEV Championship in Circuito de Albacete, the International Circus Festival, the International Film Festival Abycine, the Biennial of Art City of Albacete, the National Theatre Awards Pepe Isbert, AB Fashion Day, the Fair Performing Arts Castilla-La Mancha or Expovicaman, among many others, and even trade fairs and exhibitions.
The industry is one of the pillars of the city. Albacete is home to major multinationals and has five large industrial zones, including Campollano, which is the largest industrial area of Castilla-La Mancha and one of the largest in Spain. Higher education and research are another major development areas of the city, highlighting the University of Castilla-La Mancha, the Biomedical Campus of Albacete and the Technology Park of Albacete.
The aviation industry is one of the main economic engines of the city. Albacete hosts the School of TLP NATO pilots, Los Llanos Air Base, Ala 14 and the Air Maestranza Albacete, the most important of Spain. In addition, the city houses the Air and Logistic Park of Albacete, home to major companies." Sercotel San Jose