De Abdij van Dokkum

Markt 30A, Dokkum,  Netherlands

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About De Abdij van Dokkum:

De Abdij van Dokkum is situated in a 14th century abbey along the market. Have free Wi-Fi access and experience the hospitality of the staff. Theme rooms create a special ambiance in addition to the cosy standard and luxury rooms. Looking for hotel?

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Min. price: 75 €
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Rooms available25 rooms

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Markt 30A, Dokkum,  NETHERLANDS

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About this location


Dokkum is a Dutch fortified town in the municipality of Dongeradeel in the province of Friesland. It has 12,576 inhabitants (January 1, 2017). The fortifications of Dokkum are well preserved and are known as the bolwerken (bulwarks). It is the fifth most popular shopping city in Friesland. It also had the smallest hospital in the Netherlands."


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